Valerio Cabri talks about himself
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Valerio Cabri talks about himself


My approach to cooking was tortuous, almost random, has deep roots in childhood that lead.
Food has always been a great joy for me, the most vivid memories I have of my childhood, in fact, are the tortelloni grandmother Wanda, very good, that seasoned with the cream of the cheese maker or with butter and sage. The pizza pan Aunt

Pia with cherry tomatoes and parsley and finally the legendary rice with potatoes of my mother, her forte.

After the high school I attended with mixed results in Pavullo in Frignano, I started my career in the food, as I like to call it, because the word “restaurant” does not reflect my true passion, which covers products and traditions.
So I allowed myself two years transients, during which I worked in the kitchen of the legendary Goblin Pub Pavullo, where I learned the basics on fast food and the beer world

At 21 the turning point: flyer hotel school in Serramazzoni and go! As for the game, to try, then you laugh and joke, I have always done this. Cooking. After school I sensed that it was a terrible life, but the experience in London I was really formed, I came home with several speeds more. Le Gavroche is a legendary restaurant, every day in there is shot of life, for better or for worse, but if you want to learn the experience it reckoned.
Back in Italy I chose ALMA Colorno as a new step didactic, where chefs have tried to give me the system of knowledge, discipline and humility are needed at all levels of cooking. Gualtiero Marchesi, the rector, he first taught that exemplifies the highest form of learning.



Thanks to Alma I met Massimo Spigaroli, a real boss of world gastronomy, father of Novemer Porc and salted pork, pioneer of slow food and starred chef. Four years with him made me open, stimulated and taught me everything, but really all you can do. During the last two, I had the honor of managing the small relay family Spigaroli

in Polesine, an oasis in the mists of the plain in a fourteenth century palazzo in the historical weight and the impressive gastronomic value indisputable.



With Filippo Chiappini Antica Osteria del Teatro, I rather refined the technique and developed the character, with its rich cuisine of fish and Frenchified, of Piacenza tradition always respectful, elegant and precise.



But the desire to prove myself had become too strong. In the hills Reggiane Podere Elisa, I married for four years a kitchen with wood grill in sight, homemade pastries, homemade pasta and products of the highest level as head of the kitchen, using my energies between weddings, menu tasting and dinners carte.
Experience in a catering excellent, but could not fail me, as I savored Daele Banquetting new techniques of exotic cuisine, especially in South America, and a lot of technology. Low temperatures, fruit with fish and meat, cascades of chocolate, sushi and much more, as it should be a catering: MODERN
The following year, however, I decided to embark on a new path through the course IAL on the enhancement of local products, a course of a year to enhance the expertise of 360 ° of all that revolves around the products of our region , from gastronomy to nutrition, through the production sites.
Thanks to these new responsibilities, I finally started my journey in the world of consulting, I am now chef in the restaurant on the Hill Vineyard, a bistro where we offer a rigorous local cuisine.




In the past I have driven experiences chefs in Italy and abroad for the promotion of good food italiano.Collaboro with Tenuta Pozzi, an excellent producer of shiitake mushrooms, with the Hotel School of Serramazzoni where professor of kitchen and with the town of Pavullo where active cooking classes aimed at non-professionals.

With the estate Wells was born a “love at first sight” everything was created by chance, a local wholesaler insisted tried the shiitake mushroom from their product. Actually several years use shiitake in my kitchen, I know how to treat it, its characteristics but it was a shock, I immediately appreciated the taste, freshness, fragrance, ease of processing guess because for the first time I came across an Italian mushroom production and import. I then wanted to personally get in direct contact with the company to better understand their working methods. It ‘was another surprise, their mushroom farm that uses the symbiosis solar panels – mushrooms with a closed loop all natural, it’s brilliant, and it was a real strengthening of my expectations!
In addition to cultivation I visited processing plants, modern facilities and cutting edge that I have instilled more confidence in the use of their product preserved with modern technologies and natural ingredients and very Italian.
But the randomness with this company have been repeated in those days when the holder was researching a chef of international experience for participation in a trade fair; Bellavita Amsterdam. An important opportunity among the many already budgeted by the company in their desire to bring the made and Italian cuisine abroad. The excellent food and cooking!
Like a good lover Emilian cuisine and italianity pace it was really quick to accept the challenge and to make my contribution to the promotion of their products, business philosophy and revision of their recipes.


With great pleasure we welcome in our large “family business” Valerio, in my opinion, genius and recklessness in the culinary arts.
The acquaintance with him was unexpected and exciting. A volcano of ideas in dealing shiitake. Chef outside the lines that each organization wants to study new recipes and promoting them worldwide.