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All born more than 500 years ago with Giovanni Pietro Pozzi and his bride Bianca Da Cornago, the founders of our Family that handed down to the younger generations the passion for farming, still strong as in those days.
Particularly, in our farm in Vigevano, province of Pavia, belonging to S.a.vi. group, we strengthened several productive experiences in farming and, even if looking proudly to our past results, always pay attention to technological innovations.
Our will, in the present-day globalized world, is to counteract it offering our products handmade as once, choosing the best ingredients and excluding any kind of artificial preservatives, directly cultivating all we use for our purees, daily cropped and worked.
Our handcrafts wants to spread the “made in Italy food” all round the world and are made in modern way, using the best technologies to have sure foods, guaranteed for their safety and organoleptic qualities, without any workers’ exploitation

Dr. Alessandro Pozzi


Tenuta Pozzi, the tradition taste !

Per preparare i gnocchetti procedete in questo modo: pelate e tagliate le carote a pezzi, quindi fatele bollire in una pentola con dell’acqua leggermente salata. Quando le carote saranno morbide, scolatele e farle raffreddare…..

Per preparare le scaloppine Allo shiitake, per prima cosa pulite i funghi e affettateli. Prendete poi le fettine di carne e, se necessario, battetele leggermente fino a conferirgli uno spessore di circa 1 cm, quindi infarinatele per bene sia da un lato che dall’altro…

Iniziate con la preparazione della crema di funghi che servirà per farcire le crespelle. Lavate i funghi pleurotus e tagliateli a fettine; in una padella mettete a soffriggere l’aglio insieme all’olio e aggiungete poi i funghi che lascerete cuocere fino a quando non si saranno ammorbiditi..

Our recipe Shiitake in Olive Oil and Safflower oil has gained recognition
of international judges with two stars index as a product of Italian

Mushrooms shiitake

Tenuta Pozzi is the leading Italian producer of shiitake mushrooms, in a photovoltaic system are grown in symbiosis with fungi solar panels. www.tenutapozzi.it visiting the website explains the entire production cycle.

The fresh product is processed into delicious pickles preserved in olive oil and safflower oil. A catalog in addition to the jar line for retail there is the catering line in bags and tin.

The Shiitake is a mushroom with important health properties of millennial origin.


In mushrooms cultivation field we realized a vanguard iniziative, cultivating mushrooms under an extensive PV system
Thanks to the cooperation with valid technicians, it is possible to plan several production cycles making the most of the “symbiosis” between PV and mushrooms. That is, the heat wasted from PV panels is directed so to obtain the optimal growing temperature for mushrooms.
Then, irrigation needed for mushrooms growth reduces the PV panels temperature, and this allows a better performance of the whole PV system.